DJI Spark Drone Fly More ComboQuick launch with FaceAware, Spark lifts off from your hand by recognizing you. It takes off and hovers in place within secondncludes remote controller, propeller pair x 4, propeller guards x 4, intelligent flight battery ..

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Life is  Magic. You have to practice to rekindle the magic in life. Many have refused to feel the energy of life casting aside the end result of well being for wealth and success for sanity. Everything in life is a gift and it is all about ones perspective. Turning cold to life and others, less laughter and more sadness and no appreciation for life spark should be condemned thus creating more atmosphere for joy and gratitude.

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A life decision made in a provoked mindset is a hindrance to self efficacy in the journey of success. Be cognizant, a positive or negative decision made is an action towards attaining success. Strive to create a proactive mind-set at all times for this will avert the occurrence of failure. If failure eventually ensues, do not give up. The occurrence of Failure is part of the journey to Success. You have to encounter several challenges along the journey of  Success for Success is determined by dedication.

Never let a bad situation put you in a position where you question your actions towards your pyramid of success.




For every beginning,  there is an absolute ending. This is one of the purpose of life for no creature lives forever. Death, the only uncontrollable element of life that lives within us. We often forget about its presence and grief upon its arrival. We live in despair upon its departure thinking it will never return. SAD!!!

Be prepared and do not be afraid for THE day is closer than the jugular vein.  The victim is not static but varies regardless of their actions and consciousness.  Learn not to be a stagnant water but the stream that flows for the benefit of all, for you will be gone and the memories will be left behind.

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