An individual with the same ideology and belief is whom you should make an acquaintance. Everyone claim to have the same thoughts, opinions and accept your view point, but many do not. Be careful of whom you choose to walk with, for enemies are covered with the skin of friends. They flow with you but then influence you unconsciously. Remember, if they don’t share the same Goal, say No.


The creator created creatures to create love and admiration for other creatures. Every form of the creator has to express certain level of profound love for one another as a sign of peaceful living. Expressing love from within put the mind at solemn peace for every form of hatred causes a dysfunctional mind. One will come to realize that to feel loved is expressed only when being shown. The touch of love has kept human existence therefore to live, love has to transpire without measure. “For life without love is like a tree without blossoms of fruit”. -Dr. Seuss.


Our existence in life serves a great purpose. We are governed by laws which are indisputable but also designed for our advantage. Obstacles, difficulties and hindrances are only barriers to living and achieving our goals. When faced with these barriers, we are steps away from achieving our goals. We are either repudiating to declare what we do not need or denying to accept what we actually do need to further achieve our objectives. There has to be an interchange of the OLD for the NEW for growth to take place as our past actions can only be reflected on and not lingered to prosper.


Being isolated for who you are should be seen as a positive step rather than negative. Your decision to be diverse challenges yourself from the regular and should have no effect on your personality. Go against the world and discover what you are made of. You only realise your potential when you are brave enough to face challenges and  prove to people what they know not about you. We are created with unique identities, character and personality. Remember, you either follow the crowd to please the crowd or defy the crowd to please yourself.


The axiom that “givers lacks absolutely nothing” has to transpire in our daily lives. Every channel of receiving will be obstructed unless we give when expected. This is true on every aspect starting from financial to every form of activity. The Merchant must make use of the money within his capability if he desires to have more so does the athlete who wish to improve must make use of strength within, as power is dependent upon the proper use of power already in possession. ‘Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give.

-Dr Ben Carson

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Wealth, a driven goal for mankind mostly misunderstood. It is an end product for labour not a lifestyle. The principle characteristics of wealth is the exchange value it possess. Wealth should not be the desired goal but as a means of achieving the end. However the means should not be substituted for the end. The end is based on the level of success and success is dependant upon a higher model rather than the accumulation of riches. According to Tom Stoppard, “Success is a sort of metaphysical experience”



One of the priceless possession one could ever posses is Knowledge. Knowledge determines the future in every way possible. From the environment we live to the character we become to the present physical state of our existence is all based on our past mode of thinking. If ones present state of living isn’t anticipated or desired , one should examine the past mode of thinking as the future can only be determined by the existence of the past be it productive or unproductive. If change is required to enable a bright future, knowledge and the law governing visualization will be found effective.  And if after the end result change eventually occurs, knowledge should continue to transpire regardless.