Being isolated for who you are should be seen as a positive step rather than negative. Your decision to be diverse challenges yourself from the regular and should have no effect on your personality. Go against the world and discover what you are made of. You only realise your potential when you are brave enough to face challenges and  prove to people what they know not about you. We are created with unique identities, character and personality. Remember, you either follow the crowd to please the crowd or defy the crowd to please yourself.


The axiom that “givers lacks absolutely nothing” has to transpire in our daily lives. Every channel of receiving will be obstructed unless we give when expected. This is true on every aspect starting from financial to every form of activity. The Merchant must make use of the money within his capability if he desires to have more so does the athlete who wish to improve must make use of strength within, as power is dependent upon the proper use of power already in possession. ‘Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give.

-Dr Ben Carson

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Wealth, a driven goal for mankind mostly misunderstood. It is an end product for labour not a lifestyle. The principle characteristics of wealth is the exchange value it possess. Wealth should not be the desired goal but as a means of achieving the end. However the means should not be substituted for the end. The end is based on the level of success and success is dependant upon a higher model rather than the accumulation of riches. According to Tom Stoppard, “Success is a sort of metaphysical experience”



One of the priceless possession one could ever posses is Knowledge. Knowledge determines the future in every way possible. From the environment we live to the character we become to the present physical state of our existence is all based on our past mode of thinking. If ones present state of living isn’t anticipated or desired , one should examine the past mode of thinking as the future can only be determined by the existence of the past be it productive or unproductive. If change is required to enable a bright future, knowledge and the law governing visualization will be found effective.  And if after the end result change eventually occurs, knowledge should continue to transpire regardless.



Challenge yourself, for every step towards greatness is an experience gained. Never should you doubt your capabilities. Build your self to achieve greatness. Great things only happen to people who posses positive mindset towards life. The mountain do not consist of Fear, Disbelieve, Dissuasion nor Trepidation is the reason why it has never been moved. Every form of encouragement regardless should be desired and obtained. Help your self to ascertain absolute freedom from procrastination for success story is written by those who with great vision.



One of the purpose of living a stress free life is by knowing the truth concerning ones self, the people around you and the world in which you live. Understanding the competencies of everything within your surroundings is vital. Every form of negative effects is due to wrong thinking and the diversion of the mind from its path.  For every form of expression, there must be a sincere thought about it. In order to express Honesty, you must think Honesty; In order to express sincerity, you must think Sincerity; In order to express Abundance, one must think Abundance. You will have to come to know “The Truth Shall Set You Free”. For every truth contains a very important principle and will surely make it self evidence.IMG_1678[1]


In life, we make money by making friends, and to enlarge our circle of friends we need to make more money for them, help them succeed and be of service to them. The definition of success is when everyone around us is successful. This simply means for you to have, you need to give. The best of men are those who look after their brothers regardless of their condition. Never look above or below anyone, the life today is different from the life tomorrow. Men might think they have it all by being self centered but he will lose it all surely and certainly. And remember, service to one another is built on Integrity and Justice